We are passionate and committed based on technical understanding

Expert knowledge throughout the process

Continuous development and process knowledge

The well-known gap between theory and practice is filled at Green Steel by the in-depth know-how we have built up over the years.
Years of experience in the design and manufacture of screw conveyors enable us to anticipate and meet problems that may arise, whether in the development, production, implementation or operational phase. Knowledge of conveying different materials enables us to anticipate the best solution for your needs, depending on what needs to be conveyed, perhaps with an inline shredder and how far it needs to be conveyed.

We use all our practical experience to constantly optimise our designs and products to ensure you always get the best solution on the market from Green Steel.

Design with consideration

Our design is based on your needs. There must be correlation between size and material selection, needs and capacity, dimensioning and practical application. In the design phase, we ensure that the different criteria are harmonised so that we supply screw conveyors that live up to expectations every time.

Customised solutions

Through dialogue, we create the best solutions for your needs. We often develop solutions in close collaboration and constructive dialogue with our customers. This creates excellent clarification of needs, ensuring expectations are met regarding the final solution so that it works satisfactorily and is delivered on time.

Environment and sustainability

Green Steel is working towards a safe and sustainable future. Many of our customers are making great efforts to take care of our planet. Utility and environmental companies often choose Green Steel as their supplier, and we are happy to share their vision for a more sustainable world. In addition to focusing on providing the most efficient solutions for our customers in areas such as bioenergy or the shredding and recycling of waste materials, we do our best to source our raw materials and materials from local suppliers to avoid transportation impacting the environment.

Stability and safety

We help keep your production up and running.
Everything used wears out. But with proper maintenance and replacement of wear parts, you can maintain the operation, stability and safety of your screw conveyors for many years.
When you sign a service contract with Green Steel, we check, service and repair your equipment regularly. We have the most common wear parts in stock, and anything beyond that we can quickly source or make.

We archive the technical drawings for all the systems we deliver so we can always find the right spare parts and components.

We take responsibility for our products and deliveries. We make sure that our deliveries are properly assembled and adjusted. We won’t leave until it works.


Projects, we have worked on

Many options, great service and high quality are our hallmarks.
We specialise in developing, producing and delivering transport solutions. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to advise and develop solutions for specific needs, and we have the expertise to supply many different types of screw conveyors.

Reliability is paramount

Eight shaftless screw conveyors from Green Steel convey slurry etc. at Denmark’s largest wastewater treatment plant, BIOFOS Renseanlæg Lynetten in Copenhagen 2018. When BIOFOS needed to upgrade and expand the capacity of the Lynetten wastewater

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