With our experience from a wide range of industries and your requirements, we can deliver a solution customised to your specific needs.


- Short service life / rapid wear and tear
- Acid + Abrasives
- ...

Waste treatment plants

- Bio
- Household
- ...

District heating

- Dosage
- Wastewater
- ...


- Oil
- Wastewater
- ...

Pulp & Paper

- Acids + Abrasives
- Wood pellets
- ...

Food products

- Ingredient dosage
- Liquid media
- Unloading residues
- ...


- Transport and dosing (FDA...)
- Chemical waste
- ...


- Resistant
- Dosage
- Extraction
- ...

Process plants

- Pneumatic transport system
- Material collection
- Mixing process
- ...

Environment and supply

Focus on reliability and full documentation every step of the way

High quality is important to Green Steel.
Wastewater treatment, waste separation and transport of materials for bioenergy production are examples of some of the customers and projects we work with. Many of the materials that need to be conveyed in such industries can challenge the construction and the material the screw conveyor is made of. For these areas, we often use shaftless screw conveyors and offer custom acid-resistant steel structures.

Reliability is often paramount in these industries, which is why we also provide quality documentation along with a maintenance plan and drawings.

Food products

High quality assurance and approved materials and constructions

The high quality of our designs together with our knowledge of material selection, quality assurance and documentation make us an ideal supplier of screw conveyors for food companies subject to strict controls.
Green Steel is already approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for the production of equipment for the food industry, so we can start solving your tasks right away. Green Steel ApS is registered to manufacture equipment in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004.

Download Green Steel’s approval from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration here:


We deliver in materials suitable for harsh environments

Choice of material is crucial for durability.
We have supplied screw conveyors for many years to the offshore industry – not least as a subcontractor to Victor – DST A/S, which works with offshore facilities.
For such solutions, the focus is on the choice of materials, as our solutions have to be able to withstand the effects of the environment, while ensuring the highest level of reliability and lowest possible need for maintenance. Our expertise in documentation and quality assurance are crucial for our customers in the offshore industry.


We adapt to your needs

Flexibility is an essential factor for Green Steel.
Screw conveyors for manufacturing companies are an essential part of our business. We supply screw conveyors and sub-components in all dimensions and for many different purposes at manufacturing companies.
Depending on the application and material, we can offer a wide range of flat pattern flights to ensure the right flexibility and efficiency for your material. As we have our own production, we are able to deliver screws, rotors and subcomponents according to your finished drawings and needs.


Expert knowledge throughout the process

Collaboration with external advisers is important to Green Steel.
We often collaborate with consultants and engineers when developing projects and new solutions, ensuring that our experience and technical knowledge are brought into play from the very beginning.
And we’re not limited to providing standard solutions – on the contrary, customised solutions are by far the largest part of our business, making us an attractive and agile partner in many development projects.

End users

Together, we will find the right solution

Your solution is important to us.
We don’t need to know every detail for us to design the solution you need. We can visit your company and work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

We can take responsibility for the project all the way from concept to implementation, taking care of the right measurements, developing production drawings and providing the relevant documentation, manuals, maintenance plans, safety regulations, spare parts lists and certificates.


Projects, we have worked on

Many options, great service and high quality are our hallmarks.
We specialise in developing, producing and delivering transport solutions. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to advise and develop solutions for specific needs, and we have the expertise to supply many different types of screw conveyors.

Reliability is paramount

Eight shaftless screw conveyors from Green Steel convey slurry etc. at Denmark’s largest wastewater treatment plant, BIOFOS Renseanlæg Lynetten in Copenhagen 2018. When BIOFOS needed to upgrade and expand the capacity of the Lynetten wastewater

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