We are passionate and committed based on technical understanding. We take pride in our work and put your needs first.

A passion for screw conveyors

At Green Steel ApS, we have been thinking about screw conveyors in all our waking hours from the very beginning. We readily admit that this gives us a rather nerdy profile, and are willing to admit that we are professional nerds who persistently continue to develop and optimise screw conveyors to efficiently carry anything from metal granules to slurry.

Our vision is to optimise our customers’ business, productivity and operations through the best designed, reliable and efficient screw conveyors on the market. We often do so in close consultation with our customers and based on their specific needs or challenges.

Based on our long experience and in-depth expertise in transport solutions and screw conveyors, we are happy to act as a sounding board and adviser in development projects, and we design, develop, make and install the solutions at your company.

We have advised over 1,000 customers across various industries worldwide

Ingrained technical understanding

Behind Green Steel ApS is Kim Friberg, who has a technical background and draws on more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of screw conveyors. Since the company was founded, Kim has focused on providing solutions of high technical quality to ensure stability, reliability and longevity of the solutions.

That’s why all our solutions come with detailed documentation and maintenance plans, and Green Steel ApS supplies subcomponents and wear parts for a wide range of screw conveyors.


We deliver with the focus on reliability and full documentation every step of the way.


Collaboration with external advisers is important to us; working with consultants and engineers guarantees expert knowledge throughout the process.


We take responsibility for our involvement and recognise that your solution is important to us.

Driven by commitment

Skilled, committed and highly competent employees ensure that we deliver the very best quality solutions and service to our customers every single day. That’s why we strive to create a great workplace.

We know that our future success depends on attracting and retaining talented people, and we are delighted to provide an apprenticeship or offer training to employees who want to become even more skilled, because we believe that it’s through development and training that we secure our position as one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers of screw conveyors and systems.

For us, a good workplace is characterised by such things as having room for everyone who can and wants to contribute to Green Steel’s customers receiving top quality conveyor solutions. And that’s why we are happy to make special considerations or install custom facilities for employees who need them. Some call it social responsibility, we call it common sense.


Projects, we have worked on

Many options, great service and high quality are our hallmarks.
We specialise in developing, producing and delivering transport solutions. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to advise and develop solutions for specific needs, and we have the expertise to supply many different types of screw conveyors.

Reliability is paramount

Eight shaftless screw conveyors from Green Steel convey slurry etc. at Denmark’s largest wastewater treatment plant, BIOFOS Renseanlæg Lynetten in Copenhagen 2018. When BIOFOS needed to upgrade and expand the capacity of the Lynetten wastewater

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