Reliability is paramount

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Reliability is paramount

Eight shaftless screw conveyors from Green Steel convey slurry etc. at Denmark’s largest wastewater treatment plant, BIOFOS Renseanlæg Lynetten in Copenhagen 2018.

When BIOFOS needed to upgrade and expand the capacity of the Lynetten wastewater treatment plant, operational reliability, quality assurance and mechanically robust solutions were paramount.

And those were the very reasons why Green Steel was chosen to supply the necessary screw conveyors. Dansk Stålmontage, the turnkey contractor, emphasised Green Steel’s expertise in shaftless screw conveyors, and Green Steel’s solid and positive experience in delivering solutions to Danish wastewater treatment plants.

Green Steel supplied a total of eight shaftless screw conveyors in special acid-resistant steel with a total length of 63 metres – including two custom-made ones with drains, which placed special demands on the design.

The solution, developed in a mutually constructive collaboration with the turnkey contractor, included non-clogging conical holes and continuous flushing of the system.

All the screw conveyors were dimensioned, designed and manufactured by Green Steel. 

Documentation and quality assurance are a matter of course:

  • Manuals and datasheets
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Safety instructions
  • Repair guide
  • Spare parts lists including recommended spare parts
  • Drawings

Certificates, declarations of conformity, CE marking, test reports and attestations



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