We are one of the leading suppliers of precise solutions for screw conveyor transport of a wide range of products in any industry. Most customer and processing needs can be covered by us.

Top quality screw conveyors

Green Steel products are available in any colour and for any requirement.
Green Steel specialises in developing, manufacturing and delivering screw conveyor solutions to companies throughout Denmark. Our in-depth knowledge of what can be done allows us to advise and develop solutions for specific needs, and we have the expertise to supply many different types of screw conveyors.

In addition to supplying different types of screw conveyors, we also supply screw conveyors in different materials to suit your needs. For example, stainless steel for the food industry or special acid-resistant steel for implementation in particularly demanding environments.

With knowledge, partnerships, fast response times and extensive knowledge of the market, leading product solutions and industry-specific requirements, we are the recommended first stop for accurate deliveries and support for screw conveyors for your production line.



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